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ক্যালকুলাস (CALCULUS)  
Short stories and a novella. First work of fiction, written in Bengali. The `Cal' of Calculus might be Calcutta's nickname. Culus on the other hand is a more obscure element. 
A tantric guru, an autorickshaw driver who speaks in Sanskrit, a crooner called Napoleon singing in a bar in Calcutta's Waterloo street,  book publishers with a sinister agenda, a detective who is losing his mind, an author of bestselling pop-fiction, spooks and salesmen come together in these tales offering a glimpse of strangeness, absurdity and improbabilities that seep unnoticed into everyday existence. The stories while plot driven foreground the spiritual vacuum of the present using satire, wit and sometimes black humour. A critic writing for the Bengali magazine Ekak Matra has written that these stories , `
transport us to a symbolic plane of existence, perched between the possible and the impossible'. Published by Gangchil (2014) Calcutta. Read more >
ক্যালকুলাস, রজত চৌধুরী ISBN: 978-93-84002-03-9  
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