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News: Creative writing workshops and climate fiction writing at NSHM, Colleges.

Forthcoming: Creative Writing Workshop on Climate Fiction at Indus Valley School. (Sept 2023)

Announcement: Dream Spark - Creative Writing for College Students (LIILR and Bharati College, University of Delhi, India)

HyperWriting Hideout Classes (English Club, BINUS University, Indonesia) and other teaching.

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Rajat Chaudhuri
 will be presenting a creative writing workshop organised by Centre for Language and Communication (CLC), NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata (December 2022)

Dream Spark -- Creative Writing for College Students

Rajat Chaudhuri is offering a certificate 
course on Creative Writing with LIILR and Bharati College (University of Delhi). This four month certificate course covers fiction (with a focus on the story) and non-fiction. Details and prospectus.

HyperWriting Hideout -- Creative Writing Classes

Rajat Chaudhuri offers one-to-one and small group classes (online and face to face) which help those interested in creative writing to practice, improve and perfect their craft in a  friendly and participatory environment. I teach short story writing, basics of novel writing, essay writing, article writing, content writing and advanced editing to students of all age groups from India and abroad. He also conducts classes and workshops with large groups which are offered in partnership with educational institutions, libraries like National Library of India and NSHM Colleges, within and outside India and also directly to interested students.

Chaudhuri has taught Short Story Writing certified by BINUS University English Club (BNEC), Jakarta, Indonesia -- students receive a signed certificate from BINUS-BNEC on successful completion. He has also lectured on climate fiction (clifi or climate stories) for a course at the Oxford University.

For advanced students who have some experience of writing and publishing their work or those who have participated in my classes, I offer advice, appraisal and mentoring. To learn more about my creative writing course or to join a class, please email me at: hyperwritinghideout@gmail.com To get a flavour of my classes you can watch Youtube  video snippets on my YouTube channel and also below the Testimonials section of this page.


(NanaShiningPrincess) from BINUS University, Indonesia who took the Hyperwriting Hideout Class, recently published her first novel `At the End of Rope' (romance, fantasy) about characters and events surrounding the Fericire circus. More details from the publisher's website and Google Play Books. Here is what Narumi has to say about the creative writing course: 

`After years of writing, I've finally published my first novel in 2021. While I was writing my first novel, I used some of the guidance I received from Rajat Chaudhuri's  HyeperWriting Course. Some of these would include, crafting a story from an idea, and the power of the first sentence and more. Those classes helped me a lot in crafting the whole story idea and in proceeding with thorough research. Thank you so much, Rajat Chaudhuri.

"Under the guidance of Mr. Rajat in his writing class, I've received a broader perspective about literature. His reading materials taught me tips and tricks, different writing styles, as well as unique plot lines that writers have used before. As a person who wants to dive into the world of fiction, I still have technical issues to iron out and an amateur's point of view. However, joining Mr. Rajat's class has helped me engage with different writing problems and has nurtured me into a better writer. I'm forever grateful to Mr. Rajat for being a patient mentor and a great support." ~ Stefanny (Indonesia)  
Student image1
"I've improved a lot since before this course. Rajat had not only given me knowledge about writing but also tips and additional information that helped widen my creative writing horizon. He pushed and pushed his students to be better, his guidance contributed so much. I am glad that I enrolled for this course."  ~ V. Febriana (Indonesia)
"I'm very grateful that I have taken the HyperWriting Course. Rajat was really nice and helped me a lot to further develop my short story writing in English. I usually write long fan fiction stories in Indonesian language. I have benefited a lot by taking this course and currently working on a new writing project." ~ Narumi  (Indonesia)
"Rajat  taught me how to improve my writing skills. He made sure that I understood his material and always offered help. It has been a great time learning with him. He is extremely nice and patient and always pushed and supported me to keep writing. Thank you Rajat for your knowledge and time. Also thank you for helping me improve my writing a lot." ~ B. Rizqia  (Indonesia)
"Only when you are writing to be read, you realise that writing is  more than "a spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions". It is a skill and one has to understand the technique of writing. This technique was taught to us by Rajat Sir. But he didn't end there. He told us about the different submission opportunities and how to apply to each of them. He even edited my writing pieces and guided me how to evolve as a confident writer and get published in international journals. I'm more than grateful to him. Thank you sir!" - Anupama Bhattacharya (India)

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