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  • Rajat Chaudhuri was a Key Reader at the Kokrajhar Literature Festival (2023) 
  • Rajat Chaudhuri offered a creative writing workshop organised by Centre for Language and Communication (CLC), NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata (December 2022) 
  • Rajat Chaudhuri offered a creative writing workshop organised by Centre for Language and Communication (CLC), NSHM Knowledge Campus, Durgapur (December 2022) 
  • Rajat Chaudhuri spoke about climate fiction (cli-fi) and climate change activism in a conversation with students at the CLC Conversations, NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata. (2022) (Video
  • Interviewed by Y-East for their `Kolkata Movers' initiative (Moving Kolkata Kolkata Moving project) to interview hundred individuals working for a safer, better, environment-friendly Kolkata.
  • `Conversation with author' Rajat Chaudhuri with students of the English Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA) about his novel The Butterfly Effect. (31st October, 2022) where the book is part of the English syllabus.
  • Member of story selection and editor's panel for the new Solarpunk Creatures anthology to be published by World Weaver Press (US). Call for submissions here
  • Guest editor for the inaugural issue of Kitaab Quarterly with the theme `Uncanny' to be published by Kitaab (Singapore). Call for submissions here. 
  • Multispecies Cities--Solarpunk Urban Futures anthology co-edited and introduced by Christoph Rupprecht, Deborah Cleland, Rajat Chaudhuri, Norie Tamura and Sarena Ulibarri is a finalist shortlisted for the Utopia Awards
  • Cli-fi writer interviews by Sonam Joshi in a feature on climate fiction in Times of India. (screenshot below) 
  • New research about Rajat Chaudhuri's novel `Hotel Calcutta' published: Palimpsestic Jungle/Jumble: Visceral Urbanism in Rajat Chaudhuri's Hotel Calcutta" by Subhadeep Paul, Chapter about Hotel Calcutta in 'The City Speaks: Urban Spaces in Indian Literature' Edited by Subashish Bhattacharjee and Goutam Karmakar, Routledge (India), Taylor and Francis (Germany).
  • The climate fiction video game, Survive the Century, with fiction contributions by Rajat Chaudhuri and three other authors has been now published as a branching-narrative book. (May 2022)
  • Offering a course on Creative Writing with LIILR and Bharati College (University of Delhi) (2022)
  • Climate and literature talk, Miranda House College (Delhi University) - (April, 2022) 
  • Presenting a paper at a symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy in Post-Independence India at the Festival of Letters organised by Sahitya Akademi (National Academy of Letters)  (March 2022, English)
  • A talk (in Bengali) about ecocritical readings of the novels and short stories of noted Bengali Indian author Anita Agnihotri (Khoj Sahitya Puroskar Anusthan, Lalgola, Murshidabad, West Bengal) (Feb 2022, in Bengali)
  • An adda around Bengali poetry centred around the book The Great Bengali Poetry Underground supported by Livonics and Kitaab (Jan 2022, in Bengali and English) 
  • Moderating a panel on Cli-fi at the Green Litfest (Green Literature Festival, India) - The Age and Rage of Climate Fiction (December, 2021) Banner at page end. 
  • Lecture with Q&A, `Sunburnt Stories -- Climate and Literature'University of Oxford, UK (November, 2021) 


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Centre for Language and Communication (CLC) Conversations with Rajat Chaudhuri about climate fiction (cli-fi) and climate change at NSHM, Knowledge Campus

Creative Writing Workshop by Rajat Chaudhuri at Centre for Language and Communication, NSHM, Knowledge Campus

Interviews and cli-fi feature with Rajat Chaudhuri's `The Butterfly Effect' and other authors in Times of India.

Storytelling and Sustainable Food Futures-Rajat Chaudhuri(Session 4-4)
Rajat Chaudhuri and some of the other speakers at RIHN symposium on food futures, RIHN (Kyoto, Japan)

India Booked podcast with Rajat Chaudhuri on climate fiction
Rajat Chaudhuri Q&A with Writers Rebel (UK), Extinction Rebellion

Rajat Chaudhuri, Keynote address on climate fiction

Symposium on Indian Short Fiction by Sahitya Akademi, National Academy of Letters, India

Rajat Chaudhuri speaks about an ecocritical reading of the works of Anita Agnihotri, Khoj Sahitya Gosthi, Murshidabad

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