East Calcutta wetlands. Shot with a mobile phone camera.
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Below is an incomplete list of research mentions, citations, book chapters, conference papers by academics, experts, researchers about Rajat Chaudhuri's climate change fiction and non-fiction essays and more:

  1. For an extended critical analysis of Rajat Chaudhuri's climate fiction (cli-fi biopunk novel) `The Butterfly Effect' in the context of Indian science fiction writing see the book `Star Warriors of the Modern Raj' (University of Wales Press) by Sami Ahmad Khan.
  2. `The Butterfly Effect' is mentioned in Research Handbook on Communicating Climate Change, Edited by David C Holmes and Lucy M Richardson (Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. USA, 2020)
  3. A conference paper by Anindita Shome discussing the book: "Dystopia, Climate Fiction, and Globalisation: Reading Rajat Chaudhuri’s The Butterfly EffectConference: New Literaria 2nd International e-Conference: Contemporary Trends and Development in Cultural Studies and the Humanities
  4. Chaudhuri's essay about Doris Lessing's dystopian cli-fi novel `Mara and Dann' is cited in Valentina Adami in her essay `Mythic and Fairy-Tale Elements in Doris Lessing's Mara and Dann' which appears in the journal Law and the Humanities: Cultural Perspectives (Volume 17 in the series Law and Literature) edited by Chiara Battisti and Sidia Fiorato
  5. Mention in research paper by Axel Goodbody in Nuevos horizontes de la literatura comparada (Vol. 2): Ecocrítica, 2021. Editors: Bruno Echauri Galván and Julia Ori, ISBN: 978-84-09-27247-1 (Spanish Society of General and Comparative Literature)
  6. Chaudhuri is one of the co-authors in this paper published by Nature Sustainability journal - Sustainable Agrifood Systems for a Post-Growth World (August, 2022)
  7. Solarpunk - A Brilliant Subculture (The Telegraph) article by Rajat Chaudhuri

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Besides writing fiction (clifi), essays, articles and delivering lectures on climate change fiction, Chaudhuri has more than two decades of involvement with  climate change activism beginning with a stint as a climate change advocate at the United Nations (UNCSD, New York) as Southern Coordinator of the UN NGO Caucus on Energy and Climate Change and other roles while simultaneously campaigning for ozone and climate-friendly technologies. More details in BIO page of this website.

(Image: East Calcutta wetlands. Shot with a mobile phone camera.)

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