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This is a list of translated prose and poetry appearing in magazines and other media. For information about books translated by the author please visit TRANSLATIONS page of this website and HOME.

      Short Stories and Excerpts

Rajat Chaudhuri's books of stories Hotel Calcutta and Calculus.  Short stories have appeared in L'Allure des Mots, USA; Eclectica, Vol 14, No 3, USA; Notes from the Underground, UK; Bhashabandhan (in Bangla), Kolkata, Asia Writes-Featured Works, Philippines; The Legendary, USA; Underground Voices, USA; Bhashabandhan - Festival Edition, Kolkata; Scientific Indian; Weirdyear, Canada; The Statesman, India and elsewhere.

Books Reviewed 

Activism and Environment Research publications

Here is the Rajat Chaudhuri page at the Internet Speculative Fiction (ISFDB) database.

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