THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT - A novel (Go to book page)

For an extended critical analysis of `The Butterfly Effect' in the context of Indian science fiction writing, read the book `Star Warriors of the Modern Raj' (University of Wales Press) by Sami Ahmad Khan.

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Co-edited anthology of short stories about multispecies cities themed around solarpunk futures. 


Edited by Christoph Ruprecht, Deborah Cleland, Norie Tamura, Rajat Chaudhuri, Sarena Ulibarri (Published: World Weaver Press, USA and RIHN, Japan)

Cities are alive, shared by humans and animals, insects and plants, landforms and machines. What might city ecosystems look like in the future if we strive for multispecies justice in our urban settings? In these more-than-human stories, twenty-four authors investigate humanity’s relationship with the rest of the natural world, placing characters in situations where humans have to look beyond their own needs and interests. A quirky eco-businessman sees broader applications for a high school science fair project. A bad date in Hawai‘i takes an unexpected turn when the couple stumbles upon some confused sea turtle hatchlings. A genetically-enhanced supersoldier struggles to find new purpose in a peaceful Tokyo. A community service punishment in Singapore leads to unexpected friendships across age and species. A boy and a mammoth trek across Asia in search of kin. A Tamil child learns the language of the stars. Set primarily in the Asia-Pacific, these stories engage with the serious issues of justice, inclusion, and sustainability that affect the region, while offering optimistic visions of tomorrow's urban spaces.

ISBN-13: 978-1734054521
Anthology: Approx. 100,000 words / 330 pages
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Cli-fi game

Rajat Chaudhuri's narratives alongwith those of three other writers are featured in the cli-fi video game Survive the Century (April 2021) about climate change futures developed and published by Electric Book Works and supported by Climate Interactive, USA and SESYNC, University of Maryland with National Science Foundation (USA) support. The game is created by Sam Beckbessinger, Simon NIcholson and Christopher Trisos.
(Illustration by Annika Brandow, Design by Karen Lilje)

Reviews, interviews and press for the climate change video game Survive the Century:

New Indian Express (Epaper below)
The Telegraph (Games and Gadgets article by Rajat Chaudhuri, Epaper below)

For links to published essays, articles and shorter pieces on the subject of `climate change fiction' and `sustainability'  visit the WRITING page of this website. Here is the Rajat Chaudhuri page at the Internet Speculative Fiction (ISFDB) database.

Surivive the Century (A news report)

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