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THE GREAT BENGALI POETRY UNDERGROUND (Translated from the Bengali with an introduction by Rajat Chaudhuri) 

In the pages of Bengali little magazines of India and Bangladesh and the obscure recesses of an ever-vibrant literary culture, spring other voices, other words – another art of seeing. Hidden from the glare of mainstream writing and often ignored in the portals of high culture, secret wizards of verse are chiselling away at experience, conjuring up the poetry of a stricken time.

A poetry which genuflects before no one while delivering its irreverent message in whispers or cat calls. The subterranean chambers of Bengali underground poetry echo with angst and experiment, glow in the blurry heat of passion or slip into a meditative silence as it plumbs the depths of the heart. This collection trawls the darkest corners of the Bengali literary universe offering to English language readers, the first glimpse of an uncharted ocean – its winds, storms and unstoppable tides.

Poets: Agni Roy, Novera Hossain, Mitul Dutta, Tanmay Mridha, Atanu Chakrabortty, Gouranga Mondal, Shapla Shawparjita, Pratyush Bandopadhyay, Aysa Jhorna, Arpan Chakraborty

Published by: Kitaab (Singapore, March 2021)

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The book is discussed in `A study on new trends in contemporary Bengali poetry: 1980 onwards' a paper by Monsurul Islam published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (ISSN 2349-5162)

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