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Sweet shop owners of Calcutta have risen in revolt against a decades-old communist government because of  the administration's efforts to standardise the size of the rosogolla. Sweet-loving Bengalis are watching from the wings. This is the backdrop for the meeting of lost souls, spiritual seekers and soldiers of fortune in a book that spans India and Europe. Amber Dusk smells of Calcutta streets and resonates with the seductive tunes of Parisian nights. Robot oracles, the enigmatic photographer Valence Jourdain, a shadowy Blue Princess, Indian tribesmen and the mystical Lake Malaren of Stockholm, colour this fascinating narrative, creating an edgy reality. The novel weaves together Calcutta and Paris and the lives and passions of the unforgettable characters that walk their streets. This is a story about love, loathing and beatitude and the quest for peace in a time of intolerance. Will the communists survive the assault of the sweetmakers? Read more >
ISBN: 978-8184430080 
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